Power Supplies & Converters

Power supplies and convertors are developed and manufactured by MTM Power® offering unparalleled and trendsetting functionality and quality. They are exceptionally powerful, resistant and durable. Our MTM Product range includes

Surveillance Systems for Mobile Tent Camps

Various 19″ power supplies MPK1 and MPK2

Mobile Communication Systems

IP67 100 W power supplies

DIN rail power supplies HSA and HMG series, 30 to 50 W

Naval Radar Systems

Chassis mount modules PCMA/PCMAS, 50 to 100 W

IP67 power supplies

Naval Command Posts

IP67 100 W power supplies

Submarine Data Communication Systems

Various 19″ power supplies

Landing Aid Systems on Aircraft Carriers


Detection Systems for Chemical Weapons


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MTM Power

MTM Power® Messtechnik Mellenbach GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of power supplies in Germany.