LEACH® Subminiature Relays (Low level to 75 Amps)

LEACH military-qualified miniature, subminiature and half-crystal can relays for dry-circuit switching range from low level to 75 amps and come in DC and AC versions. Subminiature relays are hermetically sealed against contaminants, pollutants, extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Many components can withstand vibration and shock of up to 200G. A variety of sockets complement the miniature and subminiature relay lines. Balanced-Force® and balanced armature relays are available in various ratings, configurations and mounting styles.

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Leach International Corporation offers a variety of power distribution configurations from electromechanical power management to fully integrated SSPC power management, including control logic and protection. Designed with LEACH® components, these assemblies satisfy all specific customer program conditions and requirements for both primary and secondary distribution systems.


Leach International

Leach International is the world’s leading provider of electromechanical and solid state switch gear for aircraft, defense, space, and rail applications. We leverage our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to create solutions-oriented equipment for power distribution and control. Combining our components with unique package design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom solutions such as AC/DC Primary and secondary power distribution assemblies, relay panels, thrust reverser control units, Emergency Lighting Control Units, GFI units, Smart contractors, and wiring integrated assemblies.