Electronics Enclosures & Junction Boxes

ADT enclosures can be either for static or dynamic applications, the latter often requiring very special design requirements. Static enclosures can be ground mounted or inside specialised buildings. Dynamic enclosures are specific to vehicle applications and can be either mounted underframe or internally within the vehicle. Underframe enclosure features include robust construction to withstand routine shock and vibration loads, high levels of corrosion protection to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity’s, salt-laden air, acidic wash solutions, so that mechanical attachments are not compromised and critical contents continue to function normally. This is achieved by primarily using stainless steel, or engineered coating processes. Special attention to door/panel seals is required to maintain ingress protection levels. Internal enclosures features include compact packaging, ease of service, special attention to materials to ensure low flammability and toxicity in the event of fire.

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Australian Defence Technology

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